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26 March Shadhinota Dibosh SMS Bangladesh Independence Day

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26 March Shadhinota Dibosh SMS Bangla 2019! Bangladesh Independence Day!  Do you know about 26 March? What happened on that day in Bangladesh? If you don’t know about this day, kindly visit this Wikipedia link to know proper information about this day.

Every year on 26 March the Independence Day observed by Bangladeshi People. On that day, every educational institute, market, government or non-government organization stopped. This day is a National holiday. Like each year, in 2019 this day has been celebrated.

26 march SMS

On the occasion of this day, Different types of events are organized throughout Bangladesh. And people like to tell others about this day wish through SMS or others.

People search for 26 March SMS or  Shadhinota Dibosh SMS something like that on google. And they found various type of SMS from this way.

In this post, we including this day’s SMS. So that people easily will get 26 March SMS or  Shadhinota Dibosh SMS and can send it to others.

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Below listed as much as possible Bangladesh Independence Day SMS for 2019. Kindly read it continue if you want to get it.

26 March SMS Bangla

Some exclusive collection of Bangla 26 March SMS will be added here. Hope all guys love it so much.

1. Amar shokol chetonay shadhinota tumi shomojjol
Banglair monone shadhinota dibosh
Ek onnono upakkhan…

2. Shobkhane mohimannito ruupe
Shadhinota esheshe-ashbeo barongbar Bangalir jibone…

3. Ei lal shobujer potaka kebol akti kaaporer khondo noy
Shadhinota lakho shohider praaner binimoye orjito maanchitro..

4. Aabar darun shurjo hobo, likhbo notun itihash
Shadhinotay khuje paai nirmol nishshash…

5. Mohan shadhinota dibosh mohan hoyeche
Shohidder attyatagye…

6. Proti shure kobitay shadhinota esheche kokhono guti guti paaye;
kokhona’ba damama bajiye..shadhinota dibosher shuvechcha…

7 . Jaante ki chao shadhinotar mane?
Mone koro shei kal ratri ja eshichilo bangalir jibone..!

8. amar khub priyo line “ shadhinota shobdoti ki kore amader holo?”

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9. Shadhinota shobdotir vaar onek –
taa hok bekti jibone, shamajik jibone kingba rastriyo jibone….
1971 er shadhinota amader ene diyeche jagotik shadhinota..
kotha bolar, poth cholar..

10. Shadhinota diboshe ei kamona- amader Bangladesh hoye uthuk
shottikarer gonotantrik desh..

Shadhinota Dibosh SMS Bangla

Shadhinota Dibosh SMS Bangla full list available in below. Just enjoy it.

  • Sadhinota dibosh holo eta janar sobcheye valo somoy je amra ke ebong amader ostitto kotota mulloban.Shuvo sadhinota dibosh.
  • Hajar biplobir rokte ranga amader ei shadhinota diboser bangladesh ja aj proti muhurte aro unnoti kore choleche, tader kotha amader kokhonoi vola uchit noy. Shadhinota Dibosher Shuveccha.
  • Shadhinota amader jonno srosthar upohar sorup, parthona kori amader ai osadharon deshti jeno chirokal emon shadhinoi thake. Shuvo sadhinota dibosh.
  • Proti shure kobitay shadhinota esheche kokhono guti guti paaye;
    kokhona’ba damama bajiye..shadhinota dibosher shuvechcha.
  •  Shadhinota shobdoti amar rondhre rondhre
    Amar chetonay attobishshashe.
    Ujjibito mohimay jege uthuk koti bangalir pran
    Shadhinota dibosher shuvechcha
  • Cheye dekho oi shurjota ke
    nemechilo se ekattore bangla mayer buke.
    ekattorer rat ebong diner pore shobai
    bujhechilo bangali manusher jibon ektai
    vebechilo tara jibon jodi chole jay mor mattrivumir tore.
    moreo je mora beche robo mor matrivumir pore.
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That’s it! We added as much as possible 26 March SMS or  Shadhinota Dibosh SMS. 

Note: We collected all kinds of SMS from various source. Like, Google, Facebook or others. So any text can be matched what you have seen before. So don’t think about it.


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