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Best Ekushey February SMS Bangla (21st February)

Ekushey February SMS 21st February! Find Ekushey February SMS Bangla 21st February from greetingsmania.com. Ekushey February in English is 21 February. Bangli people called this day Ekushey February. Every year this day has been celebrated. Cause this day is the most important day for Bangli people. Below we give some information about this day for the understanding purpose.

History of Ekushey February or 21 st February:

Since 1952, 21 February has been observed every year and this language movement has a vital cultural impact on Bengali people. This is Bangladeshi International Mother language day. On that day Bangladeshi people fight for their mother tongue. There are many students or people attended in this war. And any people be martyred. Including Mural – Abul Barkat – Rafiq Uddin Ahmed – Abdus Salam – Abdul Jabbar they are martyred for save their mother languages. And finally, they succeeded.

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Ekushey February SMS

This is a short history about 21st February. For proper information, you can visit Wikipedia to know Internation Mother languages day of Bangladesh.

Let’s come back to our main topics. You came here for searching Ekushey February SMS. And we try to give you some Ekushey February SMS in Bangla. Hope all guys love it so much.

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Ekushey February SMS

A big collection of Ekushey February SMS waiting only for you! And we give you permission for copying any SMS. And after copied you may send it to others.

  • Raafiq / Salam / Borkot Aro Hajar beer soontan.Rakhlo Vaashar maan, Biliye Hajar Apoon Praan. Jader Rokte Rangano Ekush Oora Je Omlan, Dhoonno Amar Matrivasha Dhonno Ooder Pran..Jara Banglar Bir Soontan,Jibon Korese Dan. Diyese Banglar Praan…
  • Valoobasar majhe kostoo ache. Valoo thakar majhe shanti ache. Dure thakar majhe tan ache. mone rakhar majhe santoona ache. Tai mone rekhoo….21…FEBRUARY..Bangladesh er soonar chele, Vasa sohidder dool.
  • Zibon diye ene diloo bangla vasar fol.. Tader dane ajke amra sadhin vabe bangla booli, Sei sonader tag er kootha kemon koore vuli..

Ekushey February SMS

Don’t stop scrolling your device! Continue it to more Bangla Ekushey February SMS. Below given to many SMS. Which you can’t ever see.

 Rookte kena bangla amar lakhoo soohider dan, Tobuoo kenoo bondhu tomar bidesher prooti tan… Sokal bela panta kheye booishaker oi dine , bikale abar uthchoo mete english hindi gane…

Magu ora bole sobar kotha kere nebe tumar kule suye golpo sunte debe nah .

Bayann0ote vese ota, roktoo veja k0to k0tha, Setoo amaar bangla vaasa, Sokool vasar seraa….ai vooboner seraa vasaa, Bissojonin kootha, Tar0oi maje sthaan paoa, Bangla amaar vasa….

I think it’s enough for you! Feel happy by getting all SMS.

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