Merry Christmas Hindi SMS (हिन्दी)

Thank you for interesting to read Merry Christmas Hindi SMS! This article will provide All exclusive Hindi SMS for Celebrating Merry Christmas! Who wants to send Merry Christmas SMS/ Message to the relative. This post mainly for them. In India, there are many types of people abaleaavilbe who following the Christian religion. And every year this religion follower celebrated a big day on 25 December. This is Christmas day! In the global world, this has been celebrated. This festival reason if you want to know, kindly search on the Google or Wikipedia. Hope you got it!

To get more interesting on that day, people send Wish SMS this day purpose. And it can be a good way to wish others. In this post discuss this day about & also given Merry Christmas SMS Hindi language. Cause some people requested us to given it! That’s why we decided to write about Merry Christmas Hindi SMS and other kinds of information. A visitor will get a completed post about this topic. Below added top exclusive SMS  in Hindi font. As a result, who understood Hindi languages they got it easily. So any Hindi language follower can follow this article. 100% they will get their expected topic from there. Let’s get it!

Merry Christmas Hindi SMS:

Now be ready to get Merry Christmas Hindi SMS. You will get surprised soon! And we are giving you a chance for copying any Text SMS from here. Why you waste your time here? Let’s collect!

  1. Na card bhej raha hun,Na koi phool bhej raha hunSirf sache dil se mein aap koChristmas aur nav varsh keShubhkamana bhej raha hun. Happy Christmas day!

  2. Jeevan mein laye khushiyan apaar,Santa clause aaye aapke dwar,Subhkamna hamari kare sweekar.Chritmas ka yeh pyara tyohaarJeevan mein laye khushiyan apaar,Santa clause aaye aapke dwar,Subhkamna hamari kare sweekar.

  3. Chritmas ka yeh pyara tyohaarJeevan mein laye khushiyan apaar,Santa clause aaye aapke dwar,Subhkamna hamari kare sweekar.

  4. Christmas ka ye pyara sa tyohaar
    Jeevan me laye khushiyan apaar
    Santa clause aayee aapke dwar
    Subhkamna hamari kare sweekar. Merry Xmas & Happy New Year.

  5. Khushiyon Ka Din, Tohfon Ka Din,Santa Aayega Kuch Deke Jayega,Bhul Na Jana Use Shukriya Kehna,Humari Taraf Se Christmas Ki Shubhkamna.

  6. Chritmas ka yeh pyara tyohaar jeevan mein laye khushiyanapaar, santa clause aaye aapke dwar, subhkamna hamarikare sweekar. Merry Christmas.

  7. Baccho ka din, tohfon ka din
    Santa aayega kuch tumhe deke jayega
    Bhul na jana use shukriya kehna..
    Yahi saadgi ishu saa sikhayega!
    Christmas Day ki shubhkamnaye…
  8. Tujhe Paane Ki Is Liye Zidd Nahin Karte..
    Ke Tujhe Kh0ne K0 Dil Nahin Karta.
    Tu Milti Hai To Is Liye Nazre Nahi Uthaate.
    Ke Phir Nazren Hataane K0 Dil Nahin Karta.
    Dil Ki Baat Is Liye Tujh Se Nahin Kehte.
    Ke Apna Dil Dukhane K0 Dil Nahin Karta.
    Khwabon Me Iss Liye Tujh K0 Nahin Sajaate.
    Ke Phir Neend Se Jaagne K0 Dil Nahin Karta!
    Wish you Merry Christmas 2018.
  9. Christmas Water Pyar Ka TyohaarJeevan Mian Laye Khushiyan ApaarSanta Clause Aayee Aapke DwarSubhkamna Hamari Due SweekarVery Happy Merry Christmas.

  10. Chritmas ka yeh pyra tyohaar,jeevan main laye khushiyn apaar,santa cluse aaye apke dwar,subhkmna hamri kare swekar.Happy New Year and Merry Christmas.

Here added top 10  Merry Christmas SMS in Hindi. You are enabled to copying it. And send it via Facebook, Twitter, Mail, Whatsapp or following others way. Hope your receiver will get surprised from you. So enjoy it.

Happy Christmas SMS in Hindi Font (हिन्दी):

In Hindi font or character, you will get all SMS for wishing Christmas day! Hope all guys feel like a lover guy. As much as possible Message has been added below. See the full List.

  1. क्रिसमस आया क्रिसमस आया,बच्चों का है मन ललचाया।सैंटाक्लॉज आएंगे, नए खिलौने लाएंगे।सैंटाक्लॉज ने दी आवाज, एनी आओ,पेनी आओ, जॉनी आओ, जॉन आओ,यीशु की ये याद का दिन है,बच्चों का ये प्यार का दिन है।

  2. क्रिसमस का यह प्यारा सा त्यौहार,जिंदगी में लाये खुशियाँ अपार,सांता क्लाउस आये आपके घर,शुभकामना हमारी करो स्वीकार.मैरी क्रिसमस.

  3. खुशियों का दिन तोहफों का दिन,सांता आएगा कुछ देके जायेगा,भूल न जाना उसे शुक्रिया कहना,हमारी तरफ से क्रिसमस की शुभकामना.

  4. खुदा से क्या मांगू तुम्हारे वास्ते,सदा खुशियाँ हो तुम्हारे रास्ते,हंसी तुम्हारे चेहरे पर रहे कुछ इस तरह,खुशबू फूल का साथ निभाए जिस तरह ! क्रिसमस की बधाईयाँ 2018.

  5. देवदूत बनके कोई आएगा,सारी आशाएं तुम्हारी, पूरी करके जायेगे,क्रिसमस के इस शुभ दिन पर,तौफे खुशियों के दे जायेगा!  Christmas Ki Shubhkamnaye 2018.

  6. रब ऐसी क्रिसमस बार-बार लाये,क्रिसमस पार्टी में चार चाँद लग जाये,सांता क्लॉज़ से हर दिन मिलवायें,और हर दिन आप नए-नए तौफे पायें!

  7. लो आ गया जिसका था इंतज़ार,
    सब मिल कर बोलो मेरे यार,
    दिसम्बर में लाया क्रिसमस बहार,
    मुबारक हो तुमको क्रिसमस मेरे यार!

  8. क्रिसमस का उमंग और उत्साह,हमेशा आपके जीवन को,खुशियों से सराबोर रखे !Christmas wishes Hindi

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