New Bangla Love SMS- Premer Message For Girlfriend

New Bangla Love SMSBangla Love SMS now available here. Get Bangla love SMS for girlfriend & send it via Facebook or others. Dears visitor or all lovers we are here for you. To get more romance in your love we will help to find a message. Lovers know that, how to impress their love. And an easy way to get more romance in love is to send SMS. You can share your feelings with your lovers through an SMS. So you have needed a good type of SMS which must able to catch lover mind. 

We update here a new romantic message for all. As a result, every lover can easily collect SMS from our website. And then they can try to send it to their girlfriend or boyfriend. Hope every reader love it. And feel happy with us. Our team Member always wants good for all. So in that case, we added here totally update SMS. You can’t it before. OK brothers. Enjoy it.

 Romantic Bangla Love SMS:

Before giving all SMS we want to tell some important talk for everyone. Remember it, we provide here very romantic quotes by considering only for lovers. So please don’t try to use it for everyone by sending SMS. You can send some SMS which is acceptable for all. We collect all SMS from various resources. So hope all visitors like it and feel comfortable by sending all message.

  1.  Valobasha chera ful ridoy er obujh vul kede kede bole a mon prem mane ki moron ?? Ridoyer holo nilam valobashar neito dam kede kede bole a mon prem mane ki sottyi moron ??

  2. Kisukhon hat dhore cholar nam valobasha na ..chaya hoye sarajibon pase thakar nam e to valobasha .

  3. Sob pagoler thikana pabna noy ..kichu pagoler thikana paglir buke o hoy .

  4. Proti ta manus amon ekjon ke chay…jar buke matha rekhe sob kosto vule thaka jay .

  5. Dosti ? Seto moner aakuti.Mon? Seto ridoyer onuvuti .Ridoy ?seto kanna r hashi ..Hashi ? Seto sukher sathi ..Sukh ?Seto ochin pakhi .

  6. Manuser mon boroi odvut !!….kew ektu khani valobasha pabar jonno din rat kade abar kew ek buk valobasha peyew obohela kore !

  7. Vebechilam tomar pashe theke jibon ta shundor kore katiye nite parbo ,,,kintu seta tomar ovinoye mittha asha chara r kichui noy !!

  8. Majhe majhe mone hoy,,, sotti kew karo noy .Somoy er proyojone kew jibone ashe ,abar proyojon furiye gele jibon theke chole jay ..Bastob ashole onek voyonkor r abeg onek kharap ..prithibite karon apon houa ta khub sohoj .Kintu kawke apon kore pawa ta khub kothin !!

  9. Jibone osadharon kaw ke cheyo na ,,amon ekjon sadharon kawke chaw ,,jar kase tumi osadharon hoye thakbe ..jar valobasha hobe sudhu tomar jonno .je tomake mathar mukut baniye rakhbe .

  10. Jibon aaj sada pata, lekhar kichu nei..Moruvumi te dariye achi purono ami sei ,hotath kore keno aaj kade amr mon . Pichon fire takiye dekhi haraiye gese amr aponjon!

  11. Jibon ta dhoro sagor ,r ridoy tar tir . Bondhu holo sagorer dhew . Tomar sagore onek dhew thakte pare tobe bypar holo sobgulo dhew ki tir sporsho korte pare ?

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