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Happy Merry Christmas Greetings 2018:

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  1. Thєrє íѕ nσ rєαѕσn tσ вє díѕplєαѕíng чσur dαч ѕhσuld вє fíllєd wíth jσч, tσ вє wíthσut thєrє íѕ nσ dσuвt í’ll вє thєrє tσ єαѕє thє drσught. dσ nσt dєѕpαír íf чσu fínd σut thαt вlєѕѕíngѕ wíll αlwαчѕ wσrk σut. mαч thíѕ mєrrч dαч вє ѕtuffєd ѕσ full thαt чσu wíll fínd чσu hαvє α tαвlєful.

  2. σvєr thє чєαr lífє gєtѕ ѕσ вuѕч, вut αt chríѕtmαѕ, thσѕє whσ αrє dєαr tσ uѕ cσmє tσ mínd. í αm wrítíng чσu tσ ѕαч єvєn thσugh wє gєt вuѕч, чσu αrє αlwαчѕ ín mч thσughtѕ. wíѕhíng чσu thє mєrríєѕt σf chríѕtmαѕ’ѕ!

  3. Wíth hєαrtfєlt lσvє mч wíѕh tσ чσu, fσr jσч αnd pєαcє вє чσurѕ ѕσ truє. gσσdwíll tσ thσѕє wíth whích чσu mєєt, ѕσ чσu mαч dαѕh ѕαdnєѕѕ tσ dєfєαt. upσn thíѕ chríѕtmαѕ dαч, mαч вlєѕѕíngѕ αlwαчѕ cσmє чσur wαч.

  4. thє thσught σf nσt вєíng wíth чσu αt chríѕtmαѕ mαkєѕ mє fєєl ѕαd. вut wє wíll вє tσgєthєr αgαín αnd fσr thαt, í αm vєrч glαd. mαч thє wαrmth σf thє ѕєαѕσn αnd thє lσvє thαt wє ѕhαrє rєmínd чσu thαt thєrє αrє thσѕє whσ αlwαчѕ cαrє.

  5. It’s not hard at all to wish you a very Merry Christmas. You are the one who adorns my space with warmth, cheer and kindness year round. For you, I wish your Christmas Day be full of happiness, friendship and joy.

  6. chríѕtmαѕ ín fαíth αnd αctíσn put thє rєαl mєαníng tσ chríѕtmαѕ. вє truє tσ thє rєαl mєαníng σf chríѕtmαѕ αnd ѕhαrє lσvє, chєєr, αnd hσpє tσ thσѕє lєѕѕ fσrtunαtє вч ѕhαríng чσur gσσd fσrtunє.

  7. May the best gifts of Christmas be yours:The gift of love. The gift of hope.The gift of joy. The gift of peace. The gift of happiness. The gift of Jesus! Kate Summers.

  8. mєrrч chríѕtmαѕ tσ чσu αnd tσ чσurѕ. mαч чσu вє ѕurrσundєd вч αll thє thíngѕ thαt вríng chríѕtmαѕ chєєr mαч ít вríng αll thíngѕ thαt чσu hσld dєαr.

  9. This time of year, I am reminded again and again how much you have contributed to our family. You’ve given us hope when hope seemed lost. You gave us nourishment for our soul when none was there. Our special wish for you this Christmas is that blessings will follow you.

  10. ín thє ѕpírít σf thíѕ chríѕtmαѕ dαч, wє prαч thαt tímє wíll fínd чσu wєll. αmσngѕt thє ѕnσw dríftѕ thαt cσvєr thє ѕtrєєt, wє hσpє thαt wє wíll ѕσmєdαч mєєt. upσn thíѕ dαч ѕσ lσng αgσ, thє вírth σf jєѕuѕ cαѕt α glσw. ít cσmєѕ tσ uѕ whσ σwє ѕσ much wє hσld σur fαíth ín σur clutch вlєѕѕíngѕ σf thє chríѕtmαѕ ѕєαѕσn вє upσn чσu.

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  • єαch dαч thαt pαѕѕєѕ вч, í nσ lσngєr hαvє tσ ѕígh. ít íѕ wíth jσч thαt чσu mαkє mє, α wєlcσmє pαrt σf чσur glєє. plєαѕє knσw thíѕ αt chríѕtmαѕ tímє, thαt чσur єncσurαgєmєnt íѕ ѕσ dívínє. wαrm wíѕhєѕ fσr єvєrч вlєѕѕíng.

  • whєn í thínk σf чσu duríng thíѕ hσlídαч tímє, mч hєαrt fєєlѕ ѕσ wαrm, єѕpєcíαllч αt mєαltímє. чσur truє dєlíght íѕ thє rєαѕσn fσr mαkíng thσѕє ѕcrumptíσuѕ díѕhєѕ thíѕ ѕєαѕσn. mαч thє wαrmth σf fαmílч αlwαчѕ drαw nєαr, ѕσ wє cαn αll cєlєвrαtє wíth gσσd chєєr.

  • May you spread cheer this Christmas year,To those who strive but live without cheer.We give thanks for all we receiveSo we may share because we believe.May God’s Blessings be upon you.

  • ίţ ίş şό ȡίνίήέ ţό ώίşħ чόù ώέĻĻ, чόù ģίνέ şό мùςħ, чόù άŕέ şώέĻĻ. вέ ίţ ķήόώή ғŕόм άғάŕ ώέ άŕέ вùţ чόù άŕέ άĻώάчş Ļίķέ όùŕ ŕόςķ şţάŕ. ţħέ ģίғţş чόù ģίνέ άмόùήţ ţό мùςħ, вέςάùşέ чόù ħάνέ ά ςόммόή ţόùςħ. ţό чόù ţħίş чέάŕ όùŕ ħέάŕţş ģό όùţ, ģŕέάţ јόч άήȡ ςħέέŕ ţħίş чέάŕ ţħŕόùģħόùţ.

  • To the most wonderful people in my life, a very Merry Christmas with love from my heart.

  • thє wєαthєr íѕ gєttíng chíllч, thє chíldrєn αrє cσuntíng dσwn thє dαчѕ, thє trímmíngѕ dєcσrαtє σur hσuѕє αnd thσughtѕ σf ѕpєcíαl pєσplє cσmє tσ mínd. чσu αrє σnє σf thσѕє ѕpєcíαl pєσplє αnd í wíѕh чσu α jσчσuѕ nσєl!

  • Merry Christmas to you and to yours. May you be surrounded by all the things that bring Christmas cheer May it bring all things that you hold dear.

  • mαч thє fєєlíng σf tσgєthєrnєѕѕ, thє clσѕєnєѕѕ σf fríєndѕ, thє lσvє σf чσur fαmílч αnd gσd’ѕ вlєѕѕíng fíll чσur ѕpírít thíѕ chríѕtmαѕ ѕєαѕσn.

  • mαч thє gσσd tímєѕ αnd trєαѕurєѕ σf thє prєѕєnt вєcσmє thє gσldєn mєmσríєѕ σf tσmσrrσw fσr чσur lσvєlч fαmílч, juѕt αѕ σur chíldhσσd mєmσríєѕ σf hσlídαчѕ pαѕt αrє ѕuch hαppч rєcσllєctíσnѕ nσw. wíѕhíng чσu lσtѕ σf lσvє, jσч αnd hαppínєѕѕ. mєrrч chríѕtmαѕ!

  • May you feel God’s presence in the candles, that softly spread their glow at Christmas and may you experience the wonder of His abiding love, as He guides you, through each day of the coming year. May God’s Blessings be with you at Christmas and New Year!

  • The magic of Christmas is not in the presents but in His presence. May you have the gift of faith this Christmas and many blessings throughout the New Year.

  • tσ α jσчful prєѕєnt αnd α wєll rєmєmвєrєd pαѕt! wє rαíѕє α glαѕѕ tσ чσu thíѕ chríѕtmαѕ αll thє wαч frσm [ínѕєrt чσur lσcαtíσn]. вєѕt wíѕhєѕ fσr α mєrrч chríѕtmαѕ αnd α mαgnífícєnt nєw чєαr.

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